What To Do When Your Fridge Breaks?

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Is your refrigerator not cooling enough? A refrigerator is a dependable appliance but often it breaks down and you may encounter issues such as strange noises, poor cooling, or unwanted freezing of foods. All these issues could spoil your food which means you need to quickly resolve the problem. Most problems can be fixed and you don’t need to rush out and buy a new appliance. However, you might need an expert to safely repair your refrigerator. While some minor issues can be resolved with DIY fixes, others need the assistance of an appliance technician. Most people lack skills to repair fridges and rely on specialists in their region like appliance repair Mississauga.

However, before you call a refrigerator repair technician, you can try some simple refrigerator troubleshooting on your own.

What To Do When Fridge Stops Working?

If your wine bottles are warm and milk has turned sour, it indicates your refrigerator isn’t working properly. Whether your fridge isn’t cooling or freezing food items, you may try some DIY refrigerator repair solutions that involve checking the power, condenser coils, controls, and other parts.

So, if your fridge isn’t running optimally, here are some possible reasons behind the malfunction and solutions to resolve the issue.

No Cooling

When the refrigerator stops running, you will notice warm food or a defrosting freezer. When this happens, you need to immediately check the power lights to find out whether the appliance is getting power. You can find the power lights on the water dispenser, or simply open the doors to check the inside lights. Often the fridge fails to get power due to a loose or broken power cord that turns off the fridge.

If power is the issue, you can simply plug in the power cord firmly and check again. However, if the light is on, it means the refrigerator still has power and there is some other reason for malfunction. If the fridge is getting power but still not cooling, you may need to adjust the thermostat.

Motor Not Running

If adjusting the thermostat also doesn’t work, then you need to pull the unit away from the wall and take a look at the compressor. At the back of the refrigerator, listen for the sound of its motor. If you hear a humming sound, it means the motor running. If your fridge isn’t cooling and the motor is running, then you need to contact an appliance repair service.

Your refrigerator may have some serious issues if the motor is running and adjusting the thermostat isn’t solving the problem. When this happens, then possibly your fridge’s compressor is malfunctioning, the thermostat is damaged, or defrost timer needs repair service.

Check the Cooling Components

When checking the unit, make sure the refrigerator is unplugged. You need to pull it away from the wall to check the condition of the cooling components. The cooling components need regular cleaning to ensure optimal fridge performance. Dirty cooling coils and unclean fans can cause problems with refrigerator operation.

To clean coils and fans, you need to remove the kickplate at the bottom of the refrigerator. However, if cleaning the cooling components also fails to resolve the problem, then there is some major issue that can only be fixed by an appliance repair tech.

Frost Buildup

Sometimes, the fridge fails to maintain optimal temperature due to frost buildup in the freezer. Frost buildup on the evaporator coils can block the vent and needs to be taken care of. To resolve this issue, make sure to defrost your freezer which might take a full day.

Besides frost buildup, sometimes people stock too many items in the fridge that can block the air vents. The vents are used to circulate cold air back and forth. If large items are clocking the vents, your refrigerator will have inconsistent temperatures.

You can check the owner’s manual to find the location of vents and make sure items aren’t tightly crammed that block airflow.

Still unable to Repair your Fridge in Misssauga? Contact the Expert

Sometimes, the issue can be easily fixed by checking out the owner’s manual which has tips for troubleshooting problems and error codes. Some issues are specific to the fridge brand.

Besides brand and model-specific issues, it is also possible that the door gasket is faulty and needs replacement. If you’re unable to identify the cause, the best and safest solution is to contact local appliance repair company.